Vox Nihili

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Disclaimer: This essay is not pointing toward any person, just merely thinking out loud my small thoughts.

Sound of Nothing in an age when each essay need it's own disclaimer.

Haha, smite me hard, and make it count as a mark for the ironic paradoxes of society. 由陳易希到方潤-名評論員黃世澤吹水何價──由一篇人身攻擊的文章談起

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倉海君 說...

Haha, you entirely deserve this, nay, you deserve more. Had you humiliated me on the Net as you did to Mr Fong, I would have pilloried you for your insolence in a more sanguinary manner. Luckily, you met nice guys who just took your words all too seriously but did not know how to take you to task severely. You like Hannibal? I hope you will live up to his art of living.

By the way, when reading 由陳易希到方潤, I was puzzled. I remember this author, probably unknown to you in the past, was once accused on the Net for publishing some libellous comments on another netizen(whose name is Sidekick). When pressed to produce evidence to prove himself innocent, he refused to do so without good excuse. Therefore I am wondering if his criticism that "但指責他人無墨水而不提證據,那是濫用博客來搞人身攻擊" can equally be applied to himself. Besides, I am impatient to know how he could leave such a reproving remark without self-contradiction. What a laugh!

道士 說...

Liking the character Hannibal doesn't require one to follow in his footsteps, I never find copycats appetising, or have the stomach for gruesome and sticky stuff in real life. I only try to be honest with what I like, and that's the sin I'll admit myself of committing. However, I cook up a dish of tofu for you, hope it's to your taste.