The Force


Yoda's Cat

(see how the Force can transform a cat.)

dear thomas,

my proposition to grasp the philosophy in these terms:

處境, 知見
業力, 道力

is that neat?

i also propose to correct your nickname to 佛學無賴. 屎忽鬼 just wants fun; 無賴 is more intent on annoyance. 真係佛都有火.


situation (輪迴之境), interpretation (大手印見)
identification (業力, 執著), delinking (道力, 無住, 念起不隨)

situation doesn't matter, 天亦無常, 逍遙亦不自在. who knows heaven is better than hell? 惡乎知惡乎知.

in whatever situation, wear away the identification with the interpretation. this is what delinking amounts to. 道力, the Force, is the missing of 業力. don't even identify with the interpretation. rejoice in nothingness.

i would argue that each of the four elements is necessary, while taken together are sufficient, for full understanding. if this claim is sustained, all serious seekers should face up to the question of his 業力, and hence his practice of the Force.

handsome is as handsome does. you chided me for being impotent in my practice. for that i am not eager to defend myself. now my questions for you, do you practise? what is your practice? how do you practise? can you show me? if not, i have shown you to be at best half-hearted on the way.

may the Force be with you.

yours, all the way,

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倉海君 說...

Dear Keen,

Of course I practise. Now I'd rather call myself an existential fool, which I shall illustrate later in another fable.

I should like to comment very briefly on your recent letters. What's the point of writing in such a way that nobody--except perhaps me, who know the context well--can really follow the various threads of your argument? Please don't pretend to deliver a speech in public while you're actually speaking to me ALONE in a whisper. If you are not courageous enough to meet with the criticisms and challenges offered by some strangers, just piss off safe and sound. You can always send me an email or make a phone call secretly , without the fear of "十目所視,十手所指". But if it is your intention to share your reflections on Buddhism, and to invite others to discuss freely with you, please be more attentive to the clarity of your expression. You are to make your ideas comprehensible, aren't you?